Starting with “Dirty Little Secrets”

Got my first email for the course prep yesterday with our first bit of homework which was to scout out some details of nearby archaeological sites and museums. I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new from this but I did…

English Civil War Reenactment

I live not far from the site of the first battle of the English Civil War (Edgehill, 1642) but I’ve never really looked at what has been going on in the archaeology there. I found an excellent site with details of the field walking and other surveys done there which have completely changed the understanding of the battle.

Archaeology is lending much better understanding to our knowledge about this aspect of our history – the work at Little Bighorn and Bosworth Field spring to mind – but one of the things I am conscious of is that the public awareness of the original stories and interpretations of sites persist long after academic understanding has moved on. And TV certainly isn’t doing much to change that!

English: Bristol Beaufighter carrying a torped...

English: Bristol Bulldog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also discovered (from the UK National Monument Record – a terrific resource) that just two villages down the road is the crash site of two 1930’s bi-plane RAF trainers that were dug up in the 1980’s.

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