Hvar Fortress Museum

I’ve been on my hols and had an excellent trip from Rome to Venice via some ports on the Dalmatian Coast. One place we dropped into was Hvar in Croatia.

In the fortress overlooking the town is a small but  informative museum exhibiting finds from local wrecks. They are later than my real areas of interest but the finds from Lastovo, Palkagruza and Cape Izmetišće wrecks were interesting. In particular the collection of 2nd century CE ceramics from the Cape Izmetišće underline the importance of maritime trade for bulk transport of goods – over 2500 pieces were recovered.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mainly for my own benefit I recorded the English museum captions and took a few (not very good) pictures: Hvar Museum Captions. I’ve not found other material about these wrecks on-line so posting them here might make them better known.

If this encourages you to go to Hvar, then terrific : it’s a lovely spot and while the climb up to the museum is hard work on a hot day the view from the top and the lemonade in the cafe are worth it!

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