Gurob Ship 3-d Model

The Gurob Ship is a small ship model excavated by assistants of W. M. F. Petrie in Gurob, Egypt, in 1920. Recently the model has been re-examined by Shelley Waschmann.

Wachsmann believes that the model offers evidence of the “sea peoples” and explains his analysis in “The Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context“.  His “Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant” is one of my favorite books so I’m particulalrly interested by this new work, There’s a good summary/review  the Aegeus Society web site but at £55 I’ll try and find a library copy.

There is also a useful digital supplement that is freely available  at This is interesting because it uses a 3-d model to show the reconstructed model in a way that allows web viewers to exlore it in some detail. This was a technique we practiced in the Brown MOOC, so it’s interesting to see it in a real archaeological project.

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