More on the MooC

OK –  first impressions of the Roman Architecture course, I’m following on Coursera, courtesy of Yale University.

It’s much more didactic than ADLS (probably an essential thing) but still very accessible. It suffers a little from re-purposing some of Yale’s existing material and so doesn’t have the immediacy of ADLS. Probably the biggest difference is that where ADLS featured multiple lecturers and some dialogue between them, the lectures on this course are all from Prof. Diana E.E. Kleiner. Diana’s style is clear, authoritative and informative but the absence of other voices does reduce the impact a little. Not too much interactivity yet.

So far we’ve looked at Roman buildings in the first two centuries BCE and we’re now plunging into Pompeii as a case study of a city with all the various structures you might find there.


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