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Who needs Geophys?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA local picture, taken this morning, of some of the “ridge and furrow” fields near my home.

As you can see the buttercups have been thriving on the deeper (ridge) soil leaving the shallower (furrow) soil to grass. Suddenly the extent of these field systems (dating back to before the 17th Century) seems very apparent.


The Past Is A Different Country

Or is it…

I love this photo. It humanises the past. My wife spotted this inscription430210_10201028948435590_2101786923_n when we were on holiday on Rhodes. It’s a carving at the entrance to the Lindos acropolis. It just proves that the Greeks may have built some of the ancient world’s greatest buildings but they could still make mistakes. You can just imagine the conversation…

“About that carving…”

“Yeah, I just finished it.”

“Are you sure about that? I think LINDO has an N in it.”

“Oh, ****!”